100 lives in 1: St. Paul the Apostle and the 3 themes that the world burns to listen

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“He can talk about it better than anyone else, everything has been centered on these three things”

On Thursday, May 3, one of the most awaited religious films of recent years, ” Paul, Apostle of Christ, ” opens in Brazil .

In the script, St. Luke risks his life to travel to Rome and visit São Paulo, which is stuck waiting for execution. At the time, Christians were being brutally persecuted by Emperor Nero. The film shows the tenacity of Saint Paul, who, even in prison, continues to evangelize through the epistles he writes for Christian communities, as well as the challenges of St. Luke to proclaim the Gospel.

Actor James Faulkner , an interpreter from São Paulo , comments:

“This old man, who must have been about 71 years old, walked over 15,000 kilometers, had practically all possible diseases, was stoned twice, often plagued, shipwrecked twice, bitten by a serpent … He is the man who transforms the words in the acts of the Apostles. He was capable of being a genuine man. It was for this reason that people listened to him. “

Producer TJ Berden adds:

“His life is so extensive and tempestuous that it seems impossible for a person to have lived through it all. He lived a hundred lives in one. “

Andrew Hyatt , the writer and director of the film, states:

“He can talk about it better than anyone because he knows how that transformation can take someone away. Everything was centered on these three things: grace, mercy, and love. I am thrilled to offer these themes to the world at a time when we are so desperate to hear this, to hear that we are loved and that there is mercy and grace for all, to hear that there is a God greater than us and who loves us and can not fall so low as not to be reached by Him. “

Jim Caviezel , who plays the evangelist St. Luke , comments:

“Forgiveness does not begin with love simply, but with a burning love. It’s easy to love people who like what you think. It is harder to treat someone who has a contrary view with the same dignity and respect as you would treat a friend. This is the central message of this film. “

See the trailer subtitled in English:

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