20-year-old filmmaker wins award for powerful 1-minute film about marriage

powerful 1-minute film about marriage

Amazing what can be conveyed in just 60 seconds.

You may not be able to understand their exact words, but the gestures and subtitles help to convey the beautiful message of this short award-winning film made by 20-year-old Iranian filmmaker Syed Mohammad Reza Kheradmand.  

The film, called Thursday Appointment, recently won an award at the Luxor African Film Festival, a non-profit organization that encourages and celebrates film-making from Africa.

The powerful short movie depicts an older married couple reciting the Poem of Hafez to one another in the car, when they stop at a red light and notice a couple fighting loudly with their young daughter in the back seat.

The older couple make a gesture that says a lot about their own marriage, and about how married love can help reconcile and restore others around us.

Latest bikini ban shines light on modern-day problem

Latest bikini ban shines light on modern-day problem

Since the pandemic began, people have generally become more relaxed about their attire. Suits have been replaced with casual pants, and pumps with running shoes. In the grand scheme of things, how we dress isn’t overly important, but there are times when common decency has to prevail. We wouldn’t turn up to Mass in next to nothing and there is a time and place for certain kinds of dress.