“The Chosen”, a season 4 full of surprises

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The first episodes of the fourth season of “The Chosen”, the series which traces the life of Jesus and his disciples, will be broadcast on the C8 television channel on Sunday March 31, 2024 at 11:45 a.m., for Easter.

Let us not be afraid of breaking the suspense by announcing the major facts of this season of “The Chosen”: the ending, the only one that is worth it, is written in advance. We know that Christ will rise again, because Christ is already risen. It is the way of showing on screen this story that has already been written and is still being written, which is the richness of The Chosen , like its very particular way of literally embodying these distant characters; Jesus , Peter, Andrew, Judas, Mary or Mary Magdalene , who, suddenly, no longer seem so far away.

The pitfalls of previous seasons are repeated, like these Disneyland-style settings and “cardboard” effects that we don’t believe in, or these characters who are too clean and well-groomed, as if coming out of a beauty salon. We would have liked to see the sanctuary of Baal and Capernaum as they really were, languishing in mud, filth and blood and to feel the sweat and dust on the foreheads of the Twelve. However, there are some great discoveries to be welcomed and the series is definitely worth watching.

This season 4 promises to be intense as the anger of the Sanhedrin and Rome rumbles and fulminates against Jesus and his disciples. Certain scenes are highly anticipated: among them, the execution of John the Baptist and the resurrection of Lazarus . The two episodes go through some lengths which we regret and which the dubbed version weighs down even more as it deprives the image of its density and its emotion. Very good elements, however, enhance the projection: first of all, the dazzling performance of Briar Anne Nolet and her captivating dance whose choreography manifests the diabolical influence which subdues, in the Bible , the characters of Salome and Herodias.

We must also salute the touching scene of the apostles’ incomprehension when Simon receives the name Peter, the performance of Jonathan Roumie, stunning in the role of Jesus, like that of Paras Patel, always very convincing in the role of Saint Matthew, as well as the last words of Saint John the Baptist from which we see the grace of martyrdom spring forth. On screen, Dallas Jenkins, director of The Chosen , concludes: “In this season, Jesus gets sad; not because he is going to die, but because he must die. It is not the prospect of death that overwhelms him, but this observation: men have turned away from God, and it is for this reason that he must give up his life

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