7 Spiritual Councils for the soul of Padre Pio

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Small pills of faith that will help and comfort our spirit

Saint Pio da Pieltrecina has left us a wonderful testament, a great collection of letters written between 1902 and 1968, the Epistolario, which is divided into four volumes: the School Works, the Letters to the Spiritual Fathers, the Letters to the Spiritual Sons, the Letters to the Family. From there we took some small pills of faith that would help and comfort our spirit.

Stay firmly and constantly united to God , consecrating all your affections, all your problems, all your being, patiently waiting for the return of the beautiful sun, until when it will please the husband to visit you with the proof of aridity and darkness of spirit. (Epist III, p.670)

Let nature also be affected by suffering, because there is nothing more natural in this except sin; your will, with divine help will always be superior and divine love will never be lacking in your spirit, but you will neglect prayer. (Epist III, p.80)

Whoever has time does not wait for time. Do not postpone for tomorrow what you can do today. Of good then the wells are overflowing … to part who says that tomorrow we will live? Listen to the voice of our conscience, the voice of the royal prophet: if today you hear the voice of the Lord, do not close your ears. We rise and treasure, that only the moment flees from our domain. Let’s not interpose the time between instant and instant, that we do not have this time. (TN, in Epist. IV, page 877s.)

I beg of you, for the meekness of Jesus and for the bowels of mercy of the heavenly Father, to never cool you in the way of good. Always run and never stop, knowing that on this path being immobile is the return of our own steps. (Epist II, p 259)

Never go to bed without first having examined your awareness of how you have spent your journey and not before having directed all your thoughts to God, followed by the offering and consecration of your person and of all Christians. Also offer to the glory of your divine Majesty the rest you are about to take, and never forget that your guardian angel is with you. (Epist II, p 277)

Let’s always walk slowly so that we have good and determined affection , we can only walk in the good. No, my dearest children, it is not necessary for the exercise of the virtues to be always attentive to all, this would really hinder and twist your thoughts and affections too much. (Epist II, p.588)

Be like little spiritual bees, which do not carry more than honey and wax to their hives. Your house has to be full of sweetness, peace, harmony, humility and piety in your conversation. (Epist III, p.563).

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