A Prayer For God’s Hand and Protection over your Marriage

Lord, I am in awe of you. I am so grateful for the sacrifice you gave me so that I could be in a personal relationship with you. You are the king over everything you created and I rejoice in being part of your kingdom. Thank you for that opportunity.

Lord, today I lift my marriage up to you. Marriage is something you created. A covenant promise between man and woman. Please step in and protect mine. I want to maintain a healthy marriage relationship, and my strength alone is not enough. However, with your help, I can continue to stand against the devil and his schemes in my life.

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Please protect this covenant Lord. Help me to treat my spouse with love and respect, and to fight for them in prayer daily. Help me to stand firm with endurance when sin or strife sweeps through our relationship.

In the midst of it all, help me to praise you in the storm. Be made strong as I am made weak.

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source: justdisciple.com

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