Begin each day recognizing your dependence on God

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It is good to remember that we can do nothing without God’s help.

It is easy to forget that we owe everything to God’s love and mercy. We truly can do nothing without him, yet we often act as if all the credit belongs to us!

One way to combat that tendency is to begin each day recognizing our total dependence on God.

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Here is a prayer adapted from the 19th-century prayer book Morning Prayers.

Acknowledging myself your creature, O God and the work of your hands and confessing total dependence on you, I desire to praise and glorify you and to pay you the best homage I am able, in union with that which is paid you by all who fear you and love you upon the earth, and by all your blessed angels and saints in heaven and by your Son my Savior, Jesus Christ. I adore your sovereign Majesty and lay prostrate in soul and body before you this day.

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