St. Thomas Aquinas

This doctor stopped aborting when St. Thomas Aquinas appeared to him in dreams

Stojan Adasevic became the leading pro-life leader in Serbia, but for 26 years his story was another … Tragically another.

Stojan Adasevic is currently the leading pro-life leader in Serbia, but for 26 years he was Belgrade’s most prestigious abortionist gynecologist . It is estimated that he has done at least 48,000 abortions. It made 35 unbelievable abortions a day .

Repeating: It is estimated that he has done at least 48,000 abortions . Stojan Adasevic made 35 unbelievable abortions a day .

The Communist regime’s medical books said that abortion was simply “removing a piece of tissue.” Ultrasounds, which make it possible to see the fetus, appeared in the 1980s, but did not change their opinion.

However, one night, he began to have nightmares. He dreamed of a beautiful field filled with children and young people, from 4 to 24, playing and laughing, but who fled from him in terror. A man dressed in black and white habit watched him closely, in silence.

The dream repeated itself several times, and every night the doctor woke up with cold sweats. On one occasion, he asked the man in black and white what his name was. And the man answered,

“My name is Thomas Aquinas.”

Adasevic, trained in communist schools, had never heard of the great Dominican saint and did not recognize that name. Thomas told him then:

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“Why do not you ask me who these children are? You killed them with your miscarriages. “

Adasevic woke up, impressed and considering not doing more abortions. That same day, however, a cousin and his girlfriend, four months pregnant, came to her hospital to do her 9th abortion – yes, ninth abortion ! The number is appalling, but this type of situation was and is common in countries of the Soviet bloc: the average abortion rate for women in these nations is still high, although there are no official statistics to quantify them. The case is that the doctor accepted. Instead of removing the fetus limb to limb, however, he decided to crush it and remove it as a mass. But the baby’s heart left still beating! That was when Adasevic finally realized that he had just killed a human being .

He told the hospital he would not do any more abortions. No doctor in Yugoslavia had refused to abort before. They cut their salary in half, fired their daughter, did not allow their son to enter college. After all, had not the socialist state paid its studies to “serve the people”? Was he not now “sabotaging the state”? After two years in this fight, Adasevic was about to give up, but dreamed again with Aquinas. The man in black and white told him:

“You’re a good friend. Persevere! “

Adasevic has committed to pro-life groups. He got the Yugoslav television spend twice the documentary ” The Silent Scream ” ( The Silent Scream ), made by another famous former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson (check out the documentary in the video below). In the early 1990s, the pro-life movement even succeeded in passing a decree protecting the unborn in parliament , but President Milosevic refused to sign it. Milosevic is the same dictator who provoked the civil war in the former Yugoslavia; a fratricidal war between the same Yugoslavs who had aborted their children in the thousands.

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Dr. Stojan Adasevic has published his testimony in several magazines and newspapers in Eastern Europe.

Do not miss the documentary ” The Silent Scream

We share the video from Father Ricardo Ricardo’s YouTube channel. Check out:


Adapted from article translation of the Spanish newspaper La Razón (2008) published by the blog Senza Pagare

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