How to thank a saint for a grace that has been achieved?

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Check out 3 effective ways to show your gratitude to your intercessors

Praying to Saint Anthony of Padua when we lose an object, to Saint Joseph when we look for work or to Saint Rita when we have great difficulties: this is the most normal thing in the life of any Catholic. All of us rely on the intercession of the saints to resolve this or that situation.

But then? Do we thank the saints as we should? Here are three ways for you to show all your gratitude to them. Adopt them and finally find peace.

The prayer

Prayer is the first of the thanks. It does not have to be complicated, but at least it has the merit of lovingly completing the exchange produced with one saint or another to solve a situation or find a solution to a problem. Thankfulness through prayer is very positive, because it means giving thanks to the saint for all that he does every day for those who invoke him and receive their help. This puts the devotee in a good position to succeed in future requests.

Light a candle

This is a gesture of great respect. It is not necessary that there be an image or a chapel of the saint invoked. To stand before the flame is enough to pray and meditate on the life of the saint and ours. It is a concrete gesture of prayer. The candle has a true connection with prayer. The grace received through prayer turns into “inner warmth” and a flame of hope for the days to come.

The ex-voto

Generally, it is a concrete object, such as a statuette, a plaque, a crucifix, a picture, a T-shirt, a steering wheel, or a medal that are deposited or placed on the walls of the churches of the saint invoked. It is a gesture of gratitude for the request granted, by the grace obtained through his intercession, a kind of material thanks to conclude the “personal pact” made with the saint.

The words “graces”, “thanksgiving” and “gratitude” always appear in the inscriptions of the ex-votos. In the age of text messaging and e-mails, offering an ex-voto is a significant gesture, and its practice, which had fallen into disuse a few years ago, is once again on the rise.

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