Is this footage of a real Eucharistic miracle?

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The Archdiocese of Guadalajara has yet to comment on this fascinating occurrence at a small Mexican church.

A video making its rounds on social media appears to show a Eucharistic miracle occurring in a small Mexican church. In the low quality footage, the Holy Eucharist looks as though it is oscillating within its monstrance during Adoration, keeping the rhythm of a beating heart. The Archdiocese of Guadalajara has yet to issue a statement on the recording.

According to Catholic News Agency, the video was recorded on July 23, 2022, at Our Lady of the Rosary parish in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The recording was taken by parishioners when they noticed the phenomenon. The occurrence was said to have lasted between 20 and 30 seconds. 

Father Carlos Spahn

The Eucharistic Adoration service was run by Argentine priest Father Carlos Spahn, who released a statement on the video. He claims that the video on social media is authentic and that he collected the footage from the parishioners who filmed the instance almost immediately, “so they won’t alter it or anything.” Fr. Spahn explained: 

“We exposed the Blessed Sacrament; I said the prayers for the exposition, and when I got up to go to the sacristy, this began to happen.” The priest continued, “Some people saw it [and] couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and we have at least two pieces of footage.”

Father Spahn was careful to note that he is not announcing this instance as a Eucharistic miracle, as he does not have the authority to do so. Still, he was adamant that the footage was genuine and undoctored. He noted that it is possible that the Church may never recognize the event as miraculous.

“The archdiocese hasn’t been consulted about it because we were just passing through; now I’m in another diocese preaching,” he said, and explained that the local priest will be able to look for “people to sign and give testimony of what they saw, and this documentation can be sent to the appropriate person.”

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