Latest bikini ban shines light on modern-day problem

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The mayor of Sorrento has stepped in to put an end to “indecorous behavior.”

Since the pandemic began, people have generally become more relaxed about their attire. Suits have been replaced with casual pants, and pumps with running shoes. In the grand scheme of things, how we dress isn’t overly important, but there are times when common decency has to prevail. We wouldn’t turn up to Mass in next to nothing and there is a time and place for certain kinds of dress.

This has recently been highlighted in the beautiful town of Sorrento in southern Italy.

The coastal town is popular with tourists from all over the globe, which is no surprise when you look at the exquisite clifftop views. Yet far from the beach, tourists are wandering around the town bare-chested or in their bikinis.

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So Mayor Massimo Coppola decided to take action and ban people from walking around the town in just their swimwear. The mayor explained to an Italian newspaper that the current situation was causing “discomfort and unease” among local residents, and even other tourists, according to The Local, IT.

Visiting the town in just swimwear was “contrary to decorum” and was actually affecting the town’s quality of life. Therefore the local police will be enforcing the ban by issuing fines of up to €500 (about the same in U.S. dollars) for those who flout the rules.

While it’s sad that this sort of law needs to exist, it makes total common sense: swimwear is for the beach or pool. But Sorrento is not the first town to have to take such measures. Other Italian towns, including Venice, have had to make similar rules that promote decorum in public.

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Hopefully, the decision made in Sorrento will prove a sufficient reminder to tourists that just because they’re on vacation doesn’t mean that modesty is no longer important. After all, those summer temperatures can affect our reasoning sometimes!

So to make sure your summer vacation reflects your values, pack a few light summer essentials to make you fit in with the locals, and encourage your teens to be mindful of local sensibilities, too.

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