Pardon Prayer to Sweet Jesus in His Sufferings

Pardon Prayer to Sweet Jesus in His Sufferings

O my good Jesus, my dear Saviour,
I compassionate Thee in Thy sufferings.
I fervently bless Thee and thank Thee
for all Thou hast done and suffered for me;
give me grace to weep over the sins
and the ingratitude which caused Thy dreadful agony.
Sweet Jesus, mercy!
Pardon me, O Lord,
for my past indifference to Thy love.

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Heart of Jesus, burning with love for us,
set our hearts on fire with love of Thee.

May those bonds which confined Thy hands
burst the fetters of my sins,
and restore me to the sweet liberty of Thy children!
I cast myself at Thy Sacred feet,
O my King and my God;
and since Thou hast undergone the humiliation
of allowing Thyself to be bound by Thy creatures,
may I place my happiness in sharing Thy humiliations,
and carrying Thy Cross.

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