Powerful prayer for the liberation of our house

Powerful prayer for the liberation of our house

To be done inside the house, with the family reunited.

After doing so, pray a Our Father and throw blessed water into every room.

Beginning of Prayer

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Father of infinite goodness, I am consecrating to the Lord my house, this place where I live with my relatives.

Many houses become a place of quarrels, disputes over inheritances, financial debts, cries and sufferings. Some are a scene of adultery, others become a place of hatred, revenge, prostitution, pornography, debauchery, robbery, drug dealing, disrespect, serious illness, psychological illness, aggression, death, and abortion.

Sometimes, while the house is built, someone, for various reasons, curses the owners or used building materials. This is not good for the place we live in. That is why I ask You, Lord, remove all this from our home.

If the land, where the house is, was the cause of judicial disputes and badly resolved inheritances, which may have caused deaths, accidents, violence and aggression, I ask you, Lord, to bless us and remove us from all this evil!

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I know that the enemy takes advantage of these situations to set up their headquarters, but I also know that You have the power to expel all evil from here. Therefore, I ask the devil to go straight to Your feet and never come back to this house.

Today, I made the decision to consecrate this house to You. I ask that, just as you were in the house of the bride and groom of Cana of Galilee and there you made your first miracle, come to my house today and expel all the evil that may be rooted in it and the possible curses impregnated therein.

Please, Christ the Lord, now expel with your power all evil, all false sickness, the spirit of separation, adultery, financial problems, evil spirits of aggression, disobedience, affective and familial blockades, and any consecration, spell, blessing or evocation of the dead, sympathies or use of crystals, energizing, all kinds of shapes and noise (mention other troubles not listed here that disturb you).

May these evils now be cast out of this place in the name of Jesus, and never come back again, for this house now belongs to God and to Him is consecrated!

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Lord, I beg of you, expel from here all the aggression among brothers, all quarrels, the lack of respect and violence between parents and children, between the couple that lives here, between the residents of this house and the neighbors.

May the angels of God come live with us. That each bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and outside area are now inhabited by them. May our house be a fortress inhabited and protected by the angels of the Lord, so that our whole family may remain in prayer, in the faithfulness of the love of God, and that therein may live peace and full concord.

Thank you, Lord, for attending to my prayers! May each day we serve You and may we always be blessed with Your blessing. Know, Lord, that this house belongs to You. Stay with us, Lord! Amen!

Author: Father Vagner Baia

via Canção Nova

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