Powerful prayer for those who are alone at Christmas … SAY IT NOW

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We never pray alone

There are many reasons why we can be alone on holiday. We can be separated from our loved ones because of distance or work. We could be in the hospital or have a fight with the spouse. Or we may be surrounded by many people, but still feel more alone than ever.

However, it does not matter the cause of our solitude: in prayer we are never alone.

Pray now:

Heavenly Father, I need the Lord in a special way this Christmas. I feel so lonely, and it seems impossible to enter into the joy that this date should bring. It seems that my suffering is invisible, but I know it will never be invisible to You. The Lord sees every moment of loneliness and every tear. The Lord sees my confusion, my exhaustion and my pain. The Lord looks upon me with love and compassion, and I know that the Lord desires to console me more than ever. I ask the Lord to allow me to know Your love for me in a special way this Christmas. Grant me peace in my heart by thinking of You, my beloved Father. Grant me clarity and trust in Your holy providence. Jesus, I place myself in your Sacred Heart to comfort you, and I ask that the Lord bind my suffering to Yours. Jesus, I trust you! Amen.

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