Prayer after communion for the gift of patience

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After receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, ask for the gift of patience in your daily life.
All of us could use a little more patience in our lives, though most of us don’t actually “want” it. Being patient means putting-up with inconvenient situations and tolerating other people, who are experts at making us wait.

Yet patience is a central key to the spiritual life and is exemplified in Jesus Christ, who is kind and patient with us and our many faults.

Here is a prayer for patience adapted from the St. Andrew Daily Missal, to be prayed after receiving Holy Communion, asking God to grant us that gift and help us imitate his example of patience.

O God, who by the patience your only-begotten Son
has crushed the pride of the enemy of old,
we ask you that the most sacred mysteries,
of which we have partaken,
may gain for us anew the grace we had lost,
and safeguarding us in all times and places,
may they impart unto us the gift of patience in all our adversities.
Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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