Science proves benefits of praying the rosary … for the body!

And who confirms this fact is a doctor of the University of Helsinki, Finland, one of the most developed countries of the world

More balanced breathing, less pressure, less free radicals in the blood, healthier heart muscle … Is it a remedy that does all this? Yes: prayer.

Praying the rosary in particular brings benefits not only to the soul of those who recite it (as if it were little!), But also to the general equilibrium of the body .

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And who confirms this fact is not Fr José from the small village church or Mrs. Ursulina from the mass of the six, but Dr. Luciano Bernardi from the University of Helsinki , Finland – one of the most developed countries in the world and always highlighted by the quality of their educational institutions.

He especially emphasizes that the Holy Rosary, especially when recited in Latin (!), Promotes special benefits to the heart muscle . He further says that to calm the breath and anxiety, the effects of the rosary are better than those of the Buddhist mantras, which often become fashionable with relative frequency.

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This is not the first time science has recognized the physical benefits of prayer. See also:

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