The 6 sins against the Holy Spirit

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2nd – Presumption of salvation, when the person cultivates in his soul an idea of perfection that implies a feeling of pride. She thinks she’s saved by what she’s already done. Only God knows whether what we have done deserves the prize of salvation or not. Our salvation can be lost until the last moment of our lives, and God is our Eternal Judge. We must believe in divine mercy, but we can not usurp the Divine inalienable attribute of the Judgment. The mere fact that he already considers himself elected is an attitude that indicates the weakness of the virtue of humility before God. We must have the moral conviction that we are right in our actions, but we can not say that in the eyes of God we are definitely saved. Calvinists, for example, affirm the definitive election of the faithful, by God’s eternal and immutable decree. The Catholic Church teaches that, normally, men know nothing of their destiny unless there is a private revelation accepted by the sacred magisterium. For this reason, men can not be considered saved before the Judgment.

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