The incorrupt body of Santa Clara and its incredible beauty

The incorrupt body of Santa Clara and its incredible beauty

This testimony from a young woman will make you reflect on some of your concerns

We wanted to be thinner, or get a little fatter; wanted a hair of another color, a better skin, clothes of such a brand, a well instagramer make . Of course, even after we are well-made, we still spend a few good minutes searching for the perfect filter before posting the photo.

It’s not just you, or just me, almost one hundred percent of the gang in our age group goes through the same thing. And it was all right until I had the opportunity to travel to Italy.

It is an incredible country, with streets of stones and floridas, and it has all that atmosphere of romantic comedy, just like in the movies.

Then I came to Assisi, the city of Clare and Francis. What peace! What a landscape! I wanted to live there forever. In the midst of the tourist visits, I reached the basement of the Cathedral of Santa Clara. And then I came upon the incorrupt body of the saint.

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Think of a beautiful woman!

Clara’s beauty disconcerted me (I know the body was involved with plaster, but it accompanies the physical characteristics according to scientific research). But she was there. It was her body, her skin, her face shape. And she’s beautiful!

And I kept thinking: you spend your whole life (or at least our youth) madly valuing your external beauty, and at the end of it all – sorry if it seems too morbid – you’re going to die and your body will deteriorate.

But did Clare seek the inner beauty of the encounter with God and, ultimately, what happened? Her physical beauty has been miraculously eternalized and thousands of people daily have the opportunity to admire her.

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At that moment, my life seemed so silly, our worries about always being dressed up, well dressed, with beautiful pictures, and still very dissatisfied with everything we are and have.

Meanwhile, those who place their treasure in God, find so clearly the beauty of life, love and brotherhood.

Today we celebrate Santa Clara and I think the day is a good time to think about it all. Is it worth the way I’m choosing to live? What really matters to me?

The tip is to seek a life according to the will of God, because only then can the beauty of life be eternalized in heaven, or even here on earth!

By Laura Galvão, via A12

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