The true story that gave rise to “The Exorcist”

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A boy of 10 years, from Maryland, fond of the ouija

Who has not seen the movie “The Exorcist”? We are talking about a true cinematographic and cultural phenomenon. William Friedkin’s film has become a cult title for anyone who asks about these issues and who feels called to question about good, evil and mystery.

What few know is that the movie “The Exorcist” has a real case behind it. A case of exorcism with similar characteristics and that would be published in August of 1949 in “The Washington Post”. There begins the germ of what would be the novel by William Peter Blatty and the subsequent film script.

The Spanish newspaper ABC recalls the story of the so-called Mannheim case, the story of a 14-year-old boy, a resident of Mount Rainier,Maryland.

As he explains, it all starts when the youngest Robbie heard some noise in the basement. He searched the house and began to see strange things: a representation of Jesus in the grandmother’s room twisted and began to move as if someone hit the wall from behind. “Eleven days after that strange event, an aunt very loved by Robbie who was fond of the Ouija game passed away. He himself was a child, “explains the report.

After this experience paranormal phenomena began: ” l bed mattress Robbie moved violently at night, blows from the basement were constant, a smell of excrement filled everything and ordinary objects – like a jarrón- is they suspended in the air. ” 

The family, knowing what was going on, asked for help from a Lutheran pastor who was so frightened that he advised a Catholic exorcist to take charge of the case.

It was investigated and finally proceeded to grant the license to perform an exorcism. What happened can be seen in the movie. The child attacks the priest, there is an unprecedented aggressiveness and a disturbing force. All the symptoms of what is cataloged demonic possession.

Multiple exorcism was performed and the young man was admitted to a mental institution in Baltimore to control it. Finally one fine day, explains ABC, “the word came out in his body and the next day, with the same speed with which they had emerged, the events ended and the child returned to his normal state.”

Its history continues being an enigma and still nobody has been able to explain that behavior. His story and his life is the germ of what has subsequently become one of the most terrifying films in history.


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