At age 110 a nun dies who saved Jews in World War II

A nun who saved Jews in World War II dies at age 110

One of the oldest nuns in the world, she was often compared to the Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta for her merciful heart

The Polish archdiocese of Krakow , which John Paul II was archbishop before being elected Pope officially reported the death of Cecylia Maria Roszak sister , of 110 years of age, held last November 16.

One of the oldest nuns in the world, her sister had lived in the Convent of the Dominican Sisters of Gródek in the same city of Krakow as 90 years .

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During World War II , the nun was in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, helping to save Jews persecuted by the Nazi regime – especially by protecting children . People who met the religious person personally recorded testimonials for Reuters TV confirming that Sister Cecylia was taking care of as the mother of the children, taking care not only to give them shelter, food and clothing, but also to provide them with school instruction and spiritual training.

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Due to her merciful heart , the nun born on March 25, 1908, in Wielkopolska, was often compared to the Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta .

Sister Cecylia was buried in the Rakowicki cemetery in Krakow.


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