A powerful prayer against any kind of sickness

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Prayed with faith and devotion, it is a prayer that invokes God’s power to combat any disease.

Throughout the centuries disease and death have plagued most of the world, and Christians have often turned to God for deliverance.

While medicine has greatly improved, it does not eliminate the need to invoke God’s powerful aid in the fight against disease.

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Here is a prayer from The Glories of the Catholic Church that was originally aimed at cholera, but has since been extended to any kind of sickness.

It was revealed to a venerable priest at Rome that whoever should repeat this prayer, with devotion, would escape the cholera. O Jesus, divine Redeemer, be merciful to us, and the entire world. Amen.O mighty God! O Holy God, O Immortal God! have pity on us, and the entire world. Amen.Grant us pardon and mercy, O my Jesus; and during these days of present danger pour down your most precious blood upon us. Amen.O eternal Father, have mercy on us, through the sacred blood of Jesus Christ, your only Son; have mercy on us, we beseech you. Amen. 

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