Abortion, Catholics and the compass of History

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Abortion in the Constitution is presented as unprecedented progress. But History repeats itself, underlines the philosopher Jeanne Larghero. Catholics are right to recall that the institutional elimination of the weakest is not a new thing, society will eventually admit it.

The so-called “societal” laws follow one another and Catholics seem condemned to helplessly witness the supposed evolution of morals and behavior. The beginning and end of life , marriage , sexual identity are affected , as if individual freedoms were an absolute before which the entire society is required to bow. Is this the meaning of History? Is this meaning irreversible? 

A collective error

Recent news, however, lends itself to reflection and to questioning the dogma of the irreversible liberalization of morals. The generation of sixty-eighters for whom relationships between adults and adolescents were proof of great freedom of spirit is now the target of all accusations: however, at the time, the Catholics who viewed this supposed liberation with dismay morals which were only the disguise of sexual influence, passed for stuck-up people. Looking back, everyone asks with dismay: how is it possible that such behavior could have occurred with complete impunity, with the blessing or under the indifferent gaze of society in the 1970s? We are entitled to make the same reasoning about our generation. What will future generations think of the “societal” progress of which some are so proud? What will they think of the institutionalization of abortion, the probable legalization of euthanasia , legislation on the change of gender and social identity of adolescents: will they still consider it a source of pride, like of our blind sixty-eighters, or will they recognize a collective error? 

The story repeats itself

If there is something we can say without being too wrong, it is that History repeats itself. What some take as historical progress, with a pretension that one could find comical if the subject of the constitutionalization of abortion was a light subject, is only a stutter of history… In Sparta, we threw from the top of the cliffs the boys too fragile to hold their rank as citizens. We, the Moderns, thought these times were over. But no, today we have more effective ways to achieve the same result: not bothering with disruptive lives. And we find naive people who think and pretend to have won an unprecedented fight. Let us remember that Sparta, the great champion of social formatting, left nothing behind: neither artist, nor philosopher, nor culture, unlike Athens, a city where a certain Hippocrates lived . The one whose oath has left his name forever in History. 

It is like this: Catholics are not in sufficient numbers to reverse current norms, on the other hand they hold the compass of History, which is a great reason to hope.

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