The best Marian prayer for when you need a lot of help

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The “Memorare” is a 12th century prayer and is linked to numerous miracles over time

One of the most well-known Catholic prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary – and almost as popular as the Hail Mary – is the Memorare . It is an ancient prayer that is reputed to be miraculous.

The prayer, traditionally attributed to St. Bernard, is named after the first word of the original Latin sentence. However, the prayer we know today is actually found within a much larger prayer for the Virgin Mary, entitled Ad sanctitatis tuae pedes , dulcissima Virgo Maria (“At His sacred feet, sweetest Virgin Mary”).

The Memorare was popularized by another Bernard, Fr. Claude Bernard, in the seventeenth century. Father Claude believed that the recitation of prayer was the cause of his miraculous cure. He printed more than 200,000 prayer leaflets in different languages to distribute wherever he could.

St. Francis de Sales prayed this prayer daily, and St. Teresa of Calcutta taught others to say it when they needed help most. Mother Teresa used this prayer whenever she was faced with an emergency situation and needed a miracle. Prayer has never failed with it and has proven its miraculous character over the years through thousands of testimonies.

For those who are not familiar with prayer, it is down here. Pray with sincere faith and trust in God. He always answers our prayers, though not always in the way we expect.

Remember, O most pure Virgin Mary,
that it has never been heard
that any of those who resorted to your protection,
begged for your assistance
and cried out for your help to
have been forsaken by You.

I, therefore, moved with equal confidence
to You, O Virgin among all singular,
as to the Mother I pray, I am worthy of You, and
groaning under the weight of my sins,
I prostrate myself at your feet.

Do not reject my supplications,
O Mother of the Word of God who is humanized,
but let
me hear from you that I may hear them, and that I may receive what I ask of you.



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