Catholic night prayer for a restful sleep

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Pray this prayer for a peaceful and restful sleep, protected from all danger and anxiety.

God has given us each night an opportunity to refresh our weary bodies and souls. We can end our day with a prayer asking God for a restful sleep, that rising we may be ready to fulfill God’s plan for our lives.

Here is a short prayer from the 19th-century book The Catholic Prayer Book and Manual of Meditations.

Lord, since you have ordained the day to labor, and the night to rest;
as I praise you for the blessings of this day,
so I implore your protection for this night to come.
Let the eyes of your providence watch over me,
and your holy angels set their guard about me;
that, being safely delivered from all dangers,
and healthily refreshed with moderate sleep,
I may the better be enabled to perform
the employments of my calling and state of life,
and faithfully persevere in the discharge of the duties of your service;
and so daily advance to new victories over my passions,
and to a more perfect observance of your commandments;
till, having passed my days,
I may end them in your favor,
and rejoice with you for ever in your heavenly kingdom.

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