The devotees of the Virgin Mary are always very blessed by her

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How can I not believe it?

Each day I become more convinced that there are anonymous saints among us. They are those that go unnoticed. We recognize them for their humility, their love for Jesus in the Sacrament, and their deep Marian devotion.

Almost all are great devotees of the Virgin and give to Her their lives and the purity of their souls. Our Lady is a great guardian of souls. She protects us by entrusting us to her Son, Jesus.

Notice this “conversation”:

 “Look, Son, this boy! What if you gave him the graces he asks, to fix your life? “

“Mom, we’ve given her enough graces over time.”

She smiles and throws that motherly gaze that He can not resist.

“All right, Mother, I’ll do it for you.”

What son does not move heaven and earth for his mother?

I once went to a store looking for some supplies. One of the vendors approached and I noticed he was whispering a prayer. He was an older man, very humble and cheerful. He picked me up as politely as you can imagine.

“Let me know what you did?” I asked him.

“With pleasure,” he replied. And he added: “I was praying a Hail Mary. I pray several times throughout the day to honor our mother from heaven. “

I’m at my mother’s house today. I decided to spend some time with her and write some articles right here. She served me warm bread and coffee to cheer.

My mother tells me about a very devout lady from Costa Rica of Our Lady. She prayed the rosary every day. On the day she died, something extraordinary happened: when the hearse left her house, a band of doves followed the vehicle, over the whole coffin, to the graveyard.

The devotees of the Virgin are always very blessed by her. I once read that “a sure sign of holiness is devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.” And it’s not? 

Yes, I met some anonymous saints. The curious thing is that they do not know that they are holy and feel unworthy of the closeness of Jesus. They are special people, who fervently guard their state of grace. They are humble, cheerful, simple, kind, merciful, who enjoy the presence of God and honor the Blessed Virgin. These people forgive easily and love everyone.

The world still has hope, as millions of anonymous saints, with their prayers, help us to be better and to persevere in life.

The call to holiness is not something new. The Bible is full of references, especially to God’s call to be holy and pure in heart.

Over the years, I realized that, without God’s grace, we can not do anything. “If I lose grace, I lose everything.”

Preserve your state of grace as a treasure. If you lose it, get up. Go to a church, look for a priest, confess, and then begin again. Order the Virgin Mary. She, as our spiritual Mother, will help us. And do not worry, for our God is the God of opportunity.

God bless you and the Blessed Virgin always accompany you!


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