Dylan, 2 years, terminal state, near death. Last treatment: baptism. So…

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The Good Friday in which the miracle of the life in the spirit also became miracle of the life in the body, when everything seemed death and end

Little Dylan Askin is seriously ill on Christmas Day 2015. With the worry we can easily imagine, his parents, Mike and Carry, are hurrying him to the hospital where they are stabbed by a devastating reality: his little baby is suffering so much to breathe not because of a severe flu, but because he has lung cancer ; a cancer as rare as it is extensive.

Doctors at Queens Medical Hospital, where he is hospitalized in Nottingham, UK, realize that a small one’s lung is already collapsing. Further investigations also reveal that the case is of Langerhans cell lung histiocytosis , an unusual tumor (1 in 1 million) and of uncertain etiology (however, when it affects children, it can already be treated with effective therapeutic standards: in fact, Dylan is currently healthy enough to have given up intensive care).

The critical phase had come with bacterial pneumonia that led the baby to lose almost all of the lung functionality. He breathed thanks to the appliances – thanks to the blessed gadgets!

Noticing a continuing worsening, after weeks of distress, doctors became convinced that there was nothing more to do . They would have to suspend life support. Devastated, the parents also surrendered to the extreme situation and chose to renounce the therapeutic obstinacy. After all, the doctors were saying that everything had been tried. But beforehand they wanted to give the young child a last and quick intervention , which consisted only of a little water and in brief words …

It was March 25, 2016. Good Friday.

In the presence of family members, Dylan was baptized . A little water and a few words: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit …

The doctors would begin to sedate him, but … But Dylan gave unmistakable signs of recovery !

Parents, brother, family members, all sang around the little baby to accompany him and say goodbye to him, according to the report of the British newspaper The Sun , but … But the heartbeat began to normalize! The life opposed to death, although death had shown hurry, hurry about to count on the disconsolate resignation to the parents! But it was too much of a hurry to die.


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And Dylan was not in a hurry! Not to die. What he had, in that blond little head, in that brave little heart, in that pure spirit, was the imperative will to live , to be revived, to experience improvements that followed quickly, with the rush of life!

May 16: Bye, hospital! Dylan is at home with his little brother, as blond as he; as alive as he!

Dylan Askin

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Dylan seemed already unrecoverable from the arms of death, and, overwhelming mysteries of life, it was just when plunged into the life-giving death of Christ , when buried in the resurrecting death of Christ , that he revived as a new creature ! This is how the Catechism of the Catholic Church presents the birth of the Christian through the baptismal sacrament – Catechism, moreover, that invites us to the most epic adventures ever written!

We, here in the world of surfaces, thinking of tubes, artificial respiration, therapy, vital parameters … And the spirit , there in the infinite without death, penetrating the unfathomable, emerging, imposing itself to everything!

Dylan Askin

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Nor does it take much faith to see the obvious. This is what Kerry , the mother, recognizes with her baby, full of pure life, in her arms:

“I’m not particularly a believer, but I really thought it was a miracle. I firmly believed that Dylan was our miracle of Easter. When we told our eldest son, Bryce, he said, ‘He’s like Jesus!’ Because he’d learned about it in school. ” 

At the Easter celebrations of this 2018 , Dylan returned to the hospital. Had an appointment, just to check if everything was ok.

And it was. All right, little blond boy, you’re healed!


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