4 Ways to Keep the Devil Away from You

4 Ways to Keep the Devil Away from You Everyday

And not only this: there are also 4 great helps on your way to holiness!

In the Gospels we read the case of a person who was exorcised and then again tormented by a legion of demons, who wanted to possess it even more vigorously (Mt 12: 43-45).

The rite of exorcism, in fact, serves to expel the devil: but it is not a “guarantee” that the devil will never try to return.

Exorcists recommend four ways to keep the soul in peace and in the hands of God:

1. Recourse frequently to the sacraments of the Confession and the Eucharist

What allows one more easily the entrance of the devil in the life of somebody is the habitual state of mortal sin of that someone. Even venial sin weakens our relationship with God and exposes us to the enemy.

The confession of sins is the main way we can take a new path. It was not by chance that the devil tried relentlessly to prevent St. John Mary Vianney from hearing the confessions of hardened sinners. The saint knew that a great sinner was coming to town when the devil besieged him during the night. Confession has so much power and grace that the devil fears the souls who often resort to this sacrament.

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The Holy Eucharist is even more powerful to ward off the devil – after all, the Eucharist is nothing less than the real presence of Jesus Christ, true God, before whom the demons have absolutely no power. The Eucharist received in a state of grace after the confession is a double wall against the devil, as confirmed by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae : “[The Eucharist] repels all the assaults of the devil.”

2. Consistent prayer life

The person who frequently recalls the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist also has to nourish a daily and consistent prayer life, which places her in a permanent state of grace and relationship with God. The person who regularly talks to God need never be afraid of the devil. Exorcists always urge people to nurture solid spiritual habits, such as frequent reading of Scripture, rosary, and private prayer and Christian reflection.

3. Fasting

This is a counsel that comes directly from the Gospels: “There are devils that can not be expelled except with prayer and fasting” (Mk 9, 29). Each of us must discern what kind of fast we are called to practice: how we live in the world and have so many responsibilities, especially with our family, we can not fast irresponsibly to the point of neglecting our own vocation and putting our health at risk . On the other hand, if we really want to leave the devil away, we also need to challenge ourselves to a fast that goes beyond giving up a miserable little chocolate during Lent. The virtues of temperance and prudence will help us to define a modality of fasting that is both sensible and requires a real sacrifice.

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4. Sacramentals

Exorcists not only use the sacramentals (the rite of exorcism itself is a sacramental) but also advise people who have been diabolically possessed to use sacramentals frequently. They are a powerful weapon in the daily struggle to chase away the devil. What sacramentals are we talking about? Of the most common and known by people: holy water, blessed salt, scapular … Keep them not only at home, but also in your workplace, in your car, next to yourself when it is the case (as is the scapular ).

These four great helps will not only keep the devil away but will also help you on the path to holiness – which is nothing more than to live always in union with God!


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