What are the effects and benefits of worship?

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Being in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament is a spiritual opportunity that changes our lives and our hearts

In an interview with Father Antonio Spadaro, SJ, Pope Francis thus expressed himself about his moments of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:

“What I truly prefer is evening worship, even when I am distracted and think of something else or even when I fall asleep praying. So in the afternoon, between seven and eight o’clock, I stand before the Blessed Sacrament for an hour. “

To stand before the Blessed Sacrament, for Pope Francis, is important in his daily moments of prayer. And for us? How do we experience the moments of worship in our lives? What effects and benefits does Worship have on our lives?

Being before Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, is a grace, a deep moment of encounter and intimacy with God Himself. In his infinite love for all of us, Christ continues to be present in the Eucharist, actualizing in his life his mystery of love, giving and surrender.

Being in Worship before the Blessed Sacrament is a spiritual opportunity to change our lives and our hearts. These moments must be lived with intensity and depth. Silence helps. Calm the inner voices to hear the divine voice.

In silence, Christ speaks to the heart. We must silence to hear Him. In the noise and the agitation, the exercise of being silent in order to hear the voice of the Lord becomes fundamental. Learning to cultivate moments of silence is a challenge for our time, in which we live together 24 hours a day.

Effects of Worship in Our Lives

The first effect and benefit of Worship is the silence that we begin to nurture in our lives. In the simplicity of the Eucharist, Christ himself teaches us to silence so that his presence may be complete in us. Silence before the Eucharistic Mystery to silence also before the mysteries of life.

Silence the words to silence us in the face of the other judgments that we make throughout the day. Silence the heart to silence our own agitation. Silence to listen in more depth to the voice of the One who speaks to the heart.

In Worship, we enter into deep contact with the love of Christ for each one of us. This same love that we contemplate, we are invited to take to our brothers and sisters. Our moments of adoration are deeply rooted in the daily life of our lives.

Before the Lord, we take what we are: our frailties and powers, our pains and joys, our sins and our sanctity. We do not take our leave of who we are to stand before the Lord, but we present ourselves in the condition that we meet to get transformed from this encounter of love and peace.

Transformed to transform! Beloved to love! This is the greatest effect and benefit of Worship in our lives! Once enlightened by Christ, we are called to be, in the world, a sign of this same light: to illuminate so many situations of darkness present in life, in the family, in society, in work, in community, etc .; our Adoration should not be individualistic and selfish, but made of moments of deep communion with all our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

In the School of Worship, we learn to cultivate an inner life that germinates from the mystery of love of a God who comes to meet us to make us new people for a new world.

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