Eucharistic miracle in 2018?

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Detailed information on the 40 intact wafers in the church destroyed by earthquake for a year and a half

The church of Santa Maria Assunta, in the city of Arquata, Italy, was destroyed by the earthquake of 2016.

Everything collapsed and the remains, including works of art, were reported as lost, reports the Italian newspaper  “Avvenire.” 

A year and a half after the calamity, a carabinieri team, an  Italian gendarmerie specializing in cultural goods, reported that he had rescued the tabernacle and kept it in custody and wanted to restore it to the diocese.

Then came the surprise that evoked the Eucharistic miracle of Siena in 1730.

Inside the sixteenth-century tabernacle they found the pinhole well-closed, though overturned, and forty wafers perfectly preserved within it.

They had spent a year and a half in abandonment, but they were astonishingly intact, with no signs of mold or change of any kind.

Hosts found in perfect condition in the pyx. Photo Avvenire
Hosts found in perfect condition in the pyx. Photo Avvenire

“We could still see the smell of the new hosts. It is as if Jesus had been swallowed up by the earthquake and left alive among the ruins, “said the bishop of Ascoli Piceno, the diocese of the parish.

Fr. Angelo Ciancotti, of the cathedral, could not hold back his tears. He was the first to have the pyramid in his hands.

He had promoted the attempts of recovery that only now could be effected, removing the whole tabernacle struck by the debris and covered with dust.

The keys should no longer serve. However, Father Angelo had kept one in the hope of reopening the house of Jesus. And it worked right away.

“On the first attempt, the tabernacle opened, he says. The pyx was lying down, but closed. In her, the Body of Christ after a year and a half buried, was perfect, from the point of view of the color, the form and the odor.

“There was no bacteria or mold that could appear in any host after weeks locked in. On the contrary, after a year and a half, those seemed to have been made the day before. ”

And a sensation took over the witnesses: “He is present.”

The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.6 at the site and reached the region of Arquata del Tronto and adjacencies on October 30, 2016 causing immense damage.

The tabernacle where the pyx was containing the Hosts Photo Avvenire
The tabernacle where the pyx was containing the hosts. Photo Avvenire

The Basilica of Nursia, erected in the place where St. Benedict was born, was almost totally destroyed. New earthquakes have killed at least 300 people.

“Yes, it is a miracle to me,” Father Angelo told the regional daily  Il Resto del Carlino.

“Those who have no faith will not believe in anything. The Lord has made everything for Himself “, commented the   National Catholic Register  US.

The priest knew that the hosts had been made by the nuns of the convent of Saint Onofre, and that it was cleaned with them if they had used any kind of preservative.

“No,” they replied, “just flour and water.”

For Father Angelo it was a “prodigious and inexplicable find. (…) For me it is a miracle and a message for all that reminds us of the centrality of the Eucharist.

“Jesus tells us: I exist and I am with you. Trust in Me. ”

(via Science confirms Church )

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