Exorcism: How to free yourself from the forces of evil?

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Four recommendations for progressing towards holiness.

1. Diligently practice the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist

The best path through which the devil can intrude is that of perpetual sin. The more we distance ourselves from God, the more vulnerable we are to attacks from the evil one. Even the most venial sin risks exposing us to its advances.

Through confession we put an end to our life of sin and take a new path. It is not by chance that the devil was perpetually trying to frighten Saint Jean-Marie Vianney so that he would not hear the confessions of inveterate sinners. Confession has such power, such grace, that the devil has no other remedy than flight.

The sacrament of the Eucharist is even more powerful. Nothing could be more logical since the Eucharist is the very presence of Jesus Christ, thus neutralizing any demonic inclination, especially when it is received in a state of grace after confession. Saint Thomas Aquinas confirms this in his Summa Theologica when he writes: “[The Eucharist] repels any attack from demons. Hence these words of John Chrysostom: “We leave this table like lions, breathing fire, having become formidable to the devil.” »

2. Pray consistently

The key word here: consistency! By praying in this way, we are in a state of grace, in relationship with God on a daily basis. By engaging in ongoing conversation with God, there is no fear in facing the devil. To keep the demon at bay, exorcists recommend that possessed people adopt a solid spiritual routine, reading the Holy Scriptures and praying the rosary.

3. Fast

This is advice taken directly from the Gospels, when Jesus said to his disciples: “This kind of demon does not come out except by prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:29). Everyone is free to determine the form that the fast will take. For those of us who live in this world and have many responsibilities (our families, for example), it is also not a question of going so far as to neglect what is our responsibility. But if we want to engage in a real approach, then we should not just deprive ourselves of chocolate during Lent.

4. Carry the sacramental

Exorcists use sacramentals (the rite of exorcism is in itself a sacramental) and advise possessed people to use them frequently. It is a formidable weapon in the daily fight against the demon. Exorcists suggest the use of blessed salt and holy water, both at home and on the go. The brown scapular also has great strength on the demon. One day the venerable François Ypes heard the demon cry to him: “Take from my sight this garment (the scapular) which takes away so many souls from us! “.

If these four methods are followed rigorously, they will keep you away from the forces of evil. They will remove all power of the demon over you, and put you on the path to holiness.

Philip Kosloski is a writer and blogger. You will find his blog at philipkosloski.com

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