If you marry in Rome you can receive $2,000 for your nuptials

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The Italian region of Lazio is offering a wonderful incentive to couples choosing to marry there.

If you fancy a truly romantic wedding, you might have your sights set on a beautiful European destination.

However, if you make haste, couples marrying in Lazio before the end of the year will receive up to €2,000 (about $2,000) in reimbursements for five particular wedding expenses, such as flowers and restaurants.

Called “Nel Lazio con amore,” or “In Lazio with Love, the project aims to boost business in companies deeply affected by COVID, such as the florist and hospitality industries. The couple can only apply for the financial help once they’ve actually paid out the money to the companies, which need to be present in Lazio, and relevant to the wedding ceremony. The specific conditions for applying for the reimbursement can be found here.

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Those of you familiar with the Lazio region will know that Rome is its capital — perfect for those wanting to share their vows in the heart of the Catholicism. However, there are many other destinations to head to, such as Tivoli, if Rome is too pricey.

While the aim of the project is fundamentally to help businesses, the plan will hopefully also encourage couples to say “I do” — especially those who may be struggling financially. And who knows, maybe the €2,000 could be put to good use if the honeymoon results in a little Lazio bambino!

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In case you need any more persuasion, take a look at this video put together by the Lazio Region, and learn a few key Italian words, too.

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