What if communion could help you love your spouse even more?

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If you want to avoid going “off the road” in your married life, you must build your love on rock and nourish it with the sacraments, especially with that of the Eucharist.

Loving each other for a lifetime, beyond the difficulties encountered: getting married and staying married is a challenge for many engaged couples who commit today. To support them in this daring adventure, Christian couples are pampered: a number of movements ( Notre-Dame Teams , Living and Loving, Love and Truth, CPM, etc.) come to nourish their marital relationship. All generations combined, the proposals are rich, and young Catholic households, like their parents, are there.

But make no mistake. Sharing groups and summer sessions are not miracle solutions. If Christian couples, without being in any way immune from it, take fewer “off the road” than others, it is because their love is built on rock and nourished by the sacraments. Living your sacrament of marriage daily, faithfully, therein lies the challenge of the Christian couple. Especially since the lifespan continues to lengthen…

Constantly return to the Source of your commitment

No time to go to mass? Our acrobatic days quickly pushed us to relegate the sacraments to the penultimate rank of our priorities. However, 100% human marital love is not built for a long-term crossing. We must constantly return to the Source of our commitment.

The Eucharist creates the home, completes and vivifies the union of the spouses brought about by the sacrament of marriage.

You are perhaps among those who have chosen for the big day of the wedding this text from Saint Paul: “Love takes patience, love etc. » The skies of your loves were then cloudless, and you probably felt up to this magnificent road map. However, the march towards the summit is strewn with pitfalls and the words of the Apostle have since resonated like an inaccessible ideal… When the difficulties of everyday life thus tarnish the initial momentum of our couple, the reality of this presence of Christ bursts forth in the sacraments.

The Eucharist, place of resurrection

The Eucharist as the basis and lifeblood of our married life! “The Eucharist is a source of love, it provides each member of the household with the riches of Christ’s sacrifice. The Eucharist creates the home, completes and vivifies the union of the spouses brought about by the sacrament of marriage,” assured Father Henri Caffarel, founder of the Équipes Notre-Dame, in 1964.

Invigorating words that remind us of what we experience each time we commune with the body of Christ: our love, wounded a hundred times, is renewed each time. The Mass, because it is an actualization of the Paschal mystery, is truly a place of resurrection. Let’s not miss this vital meeting.

Anne Gavini

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