The image of St. Michael the Archangel who witnessed exorcisms in São Paulo

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A personal testimony about the parish priest protected by St. Michael, loved by all the faithful and hated deeply by the devil

From a testimony posted by Jorge, author of the blog Almas Castles

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I was once in a parish and I confess that I was very impressed with an image of St. Michael the Archangel, which was on the high altar. Brought from Italy, all wood, that beautiful and precious image already witnessed many exorcisms.

The Exorcist

The exorcist was Father Miguel Pedroso. His calm and calm gaze, his words of deep and gentle sonority, his unshakeable courage and faith, his fight against the devil … everything in that priest was exorcistic.

There were huge lines to receive the blessing of this priest at the end of the Mass. The blessing was received on the knees, in the “murmur” that separates the altar, as if to communion. The priest, very calmly, passed from one to the other, blessing, giving advice, smiling and exorcising … His face conveyed tranquility, faith, strength and meekness, together with an unspeakable happiness. Many who came from afar to converse with him returned in amazement at their tranquility of those who are at peace with God. Needless to say, the demon hated this priest. And, from the high altar, St. Michael the Archangel stood before everything.

Who was this priest? What parish is this? What image of São Miguel do I speak?

Crossing and Promise

At the end of the nineteenth century Italy was going through a difficult period and the Italians migrated to America in search of work and new opportunities. Among many, by the year 1870, the young Miguel Aliano also came to Brazil. His trip was tumultuous: he faced terrible weather, contrary winds, great delay and suffering. Some immigrants became ill and others died – their bodies were thrown into the sea. While the strong waves shook the boat, many feared never to reach the destination.

Remembering the Catholic faith inherited from his mother, Miguel, the young man, asked Saint Michael, the Archangel, the miracle of arriving in Brazil. He promised that, as soon as he was able, he would return to Italy to seek the image of the holy guardian angel and have a chapel erected in his honor.

When you pray, you can do it. Miguel finally arrived in Brazil and, with all the effort of those who come to a new land, he worked, set up his trade and saved savings to keep the promise.

As soon as it was possible, he fulfilled it. In the year 1891, Miguel Aliano and Ana Maria Olga Aliano built a chapel dedicated to São Miguel Arcanjo in the center of São Paulo, at Rua Bráulio Gomes. The boy traveled to Italy and brought from his land, packed and inside a wooden box, that beautiful image of St. Michael the Archangel, all of it also in painted wood.

sc3a3o miguel arcanjo mooca 2

Almas Castles Blog

The change

São Paulo was growing a lot and it was necessary to widen streets, build buildings, modernize the city. In this context, the chapel of St. Michael the Archangel was expropriated: great sadness among the relatives.

But the Catholic faith is strong in the Alian family. In 1938, Miguel’s heirs built another chapel, thus transferring the image of San Miguel Arcanjo to the neighborhood of Mooca. It is there until today.

Although a priest sometimes came to pray Mass and to assist the faithful in the Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, she did not have a permanent priest. So, to the greater glory of God, the Alian family decided to donate it to the Metropolitan Curia, which finally transformed it into a parish.

On April 21, 1960, the new parish had its first Mass and the first parish priest, who remained there for many years, loved by all the faithful of the region: Father Miguel Pedroso; the exorcist priest.

parc3b3quia sc3a3o miguel arcanjo mooca

Almas Castles Blog

A parish priest loved by the faithful and hated by the devil

Whoever knows you knows what I’m talking about. Even enemies of the Catholic Church were amazed by the sound of Father Miguel Pedroso’s voice. His calm, his serenity, his strength, his unwavering faith made the demon tremble.

Father Miguel attended to all the people who came to him. He visited the sick, blessed the people and houses of the region, did countless exorcisms …

As he grew older, he was transferred to Cotia, where he contributed to the formation of the famous carmel there. I went to the city of Cotia several times in search of Father Miguel. He still continued to pray mass, to give blessing and to do exorcisms. Lay and religious people continued to come from afar to look for him.

After passing away in old age, the body of the priest Miguel was buried in the city of São Roque. Many people will still pray next to your tomb.

The pregnant woman and the devil’s hand

There is a fact that has marked me for life. This fact, which impressed me greatly, was when Father Miguel Pedroso took the demon’s hand from a pregnant woman. I have never forgotten this case, which was narrated in the following account:

The devil’s hand on a pregnant woman about to give birth


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