A powerful prayer every mother can pray for her children

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In heaven, united forever, may we delight in your presence for eternity.

Pray this prayer to entrust your children to God’s care.

God, my Father, I offer you my children;
You gave them to me. They belong to you always;
Help me raise them in your ways. I ask you
to guide them into your glory.

Lord, may egotism, ambition, and evil
never dissuade them from the narrow path.
May they have strength to fight against wrong
and may righteousness be always the goal of their actions.

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In this world of so much evil, Lord,
you know our weaknesses
and how evil often glitters and attracts;
but you are with us
and I place my children under your protection.

Give them light, strength, and joy on this earth, Lord,
so that they live for you during this journey here below;
and so that in heaven, united forever,
we may delight in your presence for eternity.

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  1. I love you lord I thank you for taking the black sin of abortion from me and cleansing my heart from this black sin.I long to see the little one in heaven with my Donald My Bobby and my Richard, and all the members of my extended family,In the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


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