Little prayers to do before the Blessed Sacrament

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Prayers to use in worship or as prayers when passing near a church

Lord Jesus Christ, my God and Son of the living God: I adore you, praise and bless you, glorify and magnify with all my heart. I confess and believe, with whole and living faith, that you are in this Divine Sacrament, true God and true Man, enclosed in a most wonderful and wonderful way.

My almighty God, with that adoration that is due to your Divine Majesty,  I adore you.

Living bread, which you have descended from heaven to give life to the world,  I adore you.

Venerable Sacrament, who are the treasure of all virtues and graces,  I adore you.

Holy Sacrifice, that you placate God and sanctify souls,  I adore you.

True Body and Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, born the most pure entrails of the Virgin Mary,  I adore you.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,  I adore you.

Wonderful Sacrament of love, who are life of the spirits and precious food of the Angels,  I adore you.

Most High Mystery of the Catholic faith,  I adore you.

God is hidden and our Savior,  I adore you.

Holy Host and Chalice of blessings,  I adore you.

Divine Most Sacrament, which are a memorial and compendium of the wonders of God,  I adore you.

Divine Viaticum of the sick, that you are a healthy immortal medicine,  I adore you.

O my Jesus, the splendor of the glory of the Father,  I adore you.

Divine Word and eternal Wisdom,  I adore you.

Divine Food, by which the children of men become children of God,  I adore you.

Living bread, by virtue of which the Creator joins the creature and mortal man rises to Heaven,  I adore you.

A perennial source of heavenly delights,  I adore you.

Spiritual meal of chaste and devout souls,  I adore you.

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