Meet the 5 martyred popes

Meet the 5 martyred popes mentioned during the Eucharistic prayer at Mass

Before the consecration the priest will often mention these courageous popes.

Whenever a priest chooses to use Eucharistic Prayer I (also known as the “Roman Canon”) during the celebration of Mass, he has the option of reciting a short list of saints before and after saying the sacred words of consecration. This list highlights many important historical saints, and the list has changed little throughout the centuries.

The first list highlights the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and the 12 apostles. Then the priest will proceed to recite the names of a number of saints who are not well known by most Christians.

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Who are these saints? The initial group of saints mentioned after the apostles include five martyred popes.

St. Linus

First pope after St. Peter, Linus was converted to Christianity by the Prince of the Apostles and was his close assistant. Ruled from 67-76.

St. Cletus

Successor to Linus, he was ordained a priest by St. Peter. Ruled from 76-88.

St. Clement

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Successor to Cletus, he was banished from Rome by Emperor Trajan and thrown into the sea with an anchor. Now known as the patron saint of mariners. Ruled from 88-97.

St. Sixtus

A Greek pope, Sixtus II led the Church during Emperor Valerian’s rule, a difficult time for Christians. Martyred with St. Lawrence and six other deacons. Ruled from 257-258.

St. Sixtus

Guided the Church during the reign of Emperor Decius and Gallus. Forced into exile soon after election. Ruled from 251-253.

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