One of the world’s greatest soccer players, Ronaldo, baptized at 46

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The former striker Ronaldo Nazario shared his delight at finally joining the Catholic Church.

Soccer players are more usually in the press for their impressive skills, or a love scandal of some sort. It was therefore great to see one of the soccer’s greatest legends, Ronaldo Nazario, in the media for some very happy news!

The Brazilian shared images of his recent baptism at the church of Father Fábio de Melo, in São Paulo, on social media. And it was lovely to see that it seemed a low-key affair, far from the glitz that came with his incredible soccer career.

Ronaldo, as he is known by his millions of fans, shared in his native Brazilian Portuguese:

Today is a very special day. I have been baptized! The Christian faith has always been a fundamental part of my life since I was a child, although I had not yet been baptized. With the sacrament, I feel truly regenerated as a child of God—in a new, more conscious, deeper way.”

He went on to say:

I renew my commitment to follow the path of good, free and spontaneous will, believing in the love of Jesus, in the love of charity. Thank you very much, church Father Fabio de Melo, of São José, Father Dom Oswaldo and dear godparents Amilcar and Malu.”

A chance to inspire

What is particularly meaningful about Ronaldo’s baptism is that his life has not always been plain sailing, despite his soccer talents and subsequent sponsorships and wealth.

The owner and president of the Spanish soccer club Real Valladolid not only had various relationship issues in his past, he also had to contend with hypothyroidism that put an end his soccer playing days, and also led people to taunt him about his unavoidable weight gain.

However, the former number 9 has amassed millions of fans over his career, and in fact his 29.5 million followers on Instagram will all have seen the news of his baptism, and maybe his faith will inspire as many people as his renowned football skills.

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