Catholic Prayer For Deliverance From Evil Spirit And The Devil

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I lift up those watching this video and we come into agreement for deliverance from evil spirits.

They are not more powerful than You.

You are the Great I Am.

Lord, thank You for sending Your Word to heal those listening now and delivering them from all their destructions as well as anyone the listener may be thinking about.

We come boldly to Your throne of grace and present those listening or someone they may be thinking about before you for deliverance from evil spirits.

Though we live in the flesh we do not war in the flesh.

The battle is in the mind and therefore we pray for strength for the mind, will, and emotions for those listening to this video.

Help them Lord to cast down any thought or idea or lie from the devil that would say that Jesus is not the King of kings.

Father, You gave us authority according to Luke 10:19-20 to trample over all the power of the enemy.

You didn’t say some but all that the enemy would try to bring against us.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare that the traps and plans of evil spirits are exposed, useless and void, and come to nothing.

Lord, help those listening to hold up their shield of faith and quench every fiery dart of the adversary that would come against them…

Right now in the Name above every name, Jesus Christ, we bind the works of all evil spirits that would try to work in the life of those listening or someone they know and command those activities to stop now.

We break the power of the enemy over those listening and loose freedom and peace through every area of their life.

We demand every evil spirit leave the life of those listening or someone they know right now in Jesus Name!

Be loosed and set free in Jesus!

We loose any negative strongholds in their life and break the power of them in the listener’s life in Jesus Name.

We declare the angels of God who are ministering spirits go forth and protect and supply those listening with everything they have need of to walk in victory.

Together in unity we decree in Jesus Name that the devil and any evil spirit shall not get an advantage over the listener.

We ask that the listener be strengthened not by power, nor by might, but by Your Spirit so that they can submit to You and resist the devil and he will flee.

Yes, the devil and any evil spirit will flee from those listening because the Bible says so.

Greater is He who is in those listening than he who is in the world.

No weapon formed against the listener shall prosper.

We plead the blood of Jesus over the listener and their friends and family.

The devil and his whole entourage are overcome by the blood and Your Word and must bow their knees.

We thank You that the power of the enemy is no match for the One who lives inside those listening to and agreeing with this prayer.

Yes, the listener is delivered from this present evil world and they are delivered from the power of darkness according to Col 1:12-13.

They are totally delivered from the powers of darkness because Jesus is their Lord and Saviour!

When the enemy tries to come in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and he will be defeated…

Thank You Lord that the listener is redeemed out of the hand of Satan by the blood of Jesus…

The listener will always triumph in Christ according 2 Cor 2:14.

Praise the Lord!

Thank You that those listening will prosper and be in health, even as their soul prospers.

We believe we receive and thank You in the wonderful Name of Jesus.




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