Beautiful Prayer to Saint Lucia, protector of eyes and eyes

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To pray with confidence and faith

You preferred that your eyes be plucked
instead of denying faith and polluting your soul.
And God, through an extraordinary miracle,
replaced them with another pair of perfect eyes
to reward your virtue and faith,
designating you as the protector against diseases of sight.

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Oh, dear Saint Lucia,
I come to you so that you protect my sight and heal the disease in my eyes.

Help me to keep the light of my eyes
so that they can see the beauties of creation,
the radiance of the sun, the color of the flowers and the smile of the children.

Preserve also the eyes of my soul, faith,
through which I can know my God,
understand His teachings,
recognize His love for me,
and never lose the way that leads me to where you,
Saint Lucia, you are in company of angels and saints.

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Oh, Saint Lucia, protect my eyes and keep my faith.


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