Prayer to be filled with the love of God

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Ask God to fill your heart with his love, especially when you have strayed away from his path.

While God is always with us, we don’t always appreciate or recognize the love he has to offer us.

In fact, often, we reject that love and choose to follow our own will. This can leave us feeling alone and isolated as we try to pursue happiness away from him.

The good news is that God’s love is always pursuing us. All we need to do is open our hearts to that love and invite God into our lives.

Here is a short prayer from the devotional The Glories of the Catholic Church that takes on this theme and asks God to fill our hearts with his love.

Divine love, you pursued us when we were running away from you: now that we are seeking you will you fly from us? No, for as you sought and loved us from the beginning, so will you continue to do, and will have us seek you with holy perseverance; for, without your preventing us, we would have run astray and mixed in the gulf of the world. Come, then, divine love, come, fill our hearts—they sigh after you.

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