Prayer to ward off evil from an enclosure

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Because “evil can remain present in an enclosure long after whatever has happened inside …”

The Standing. Edward Looney is an American priest who, when traveling, always carries a bottle of holy water . He explains the reason with a single sentence:

“Because evil is real.”

The feet. Edward comments that evil can remain present in an enclosure long after the perverse practices that may have happened inside .

He cites the concrete example of hotel rooms :

“You do not know who the person who occupied that room was before you, or what kind of baggage she brought with her. You do not know what happened in the room that, at least for one night, is ‘yours’. Holy water is a powerful protection against evil and helps to dispel its remnants. “

This is why he has a habit of sprinkling holy water in the bedroom – and gives a hint to those who are interested in doing the same: if you do not have holy water at home, your parish can provide it. Talk to your parish priest.

Father Edward Looney / Facebook

The feet. Edward also composed the following prayer , which he prays while sprinkling the holy water through the enclosure:

Prayer asking for protection from evil

God Almighty, I ask you:

send your angels to be with me in this place

and protect me from every assault of the evil one.

Forgive every evil that has been committed in this room.

and grant the grace of conversion to them that offended.

Dissipate the powers of darkness that may be in this room.

and protect me tonight,

as well as to all who come to sleep at this place

from now on.

Jesus I trust in you!


You can read the full testimonial from Fr. Edward in the following article:

Father reveals: why I always carry holy water with me when traveling

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