Praying to your Guardian Angel: How to Ask Questions About Your Future

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It’s tempting to ask your guardian angel for all sorts of information about your future, but it’s also important to keep in mind that God may limit what your angel knows about your future, as well as what God allows your angel to tell you about your future. Generally, God reveals only the information that you truly need to know right now about what is going to happen later — for your own protection. However, your guardian angel will be glad to tell you whatever can actually help you to know about the future. Some questions you can ask your guardian angel about your future include:

“How can I best prepare for this event or situation that’s coming up?”

“What decision can I make about this now to move in the right direction for the future?”

“What dreams does God want me to dream for my future, and what goals does God want me to set so I can see them come true?”

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