Priest offers a single word that can confront anxiety

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Fr. David Michael Moses shares some very useful advice on how we should address the worries in our lives.

Anxiety is something so many of us experience throughout our lives, from financial and career woes to concerns about our loved ones. While sometimes we’re able to brush off our worries, on other occasions our angst can take over our lives.

Thankfully, Fr. David Michael Moses has shared some sound advice on how we can try and cope with anxiety, and it just takes altering our mindsets slightly, and looking to Matthew Chapter 10 for inspiration.

As Fr. David Michael explains, we need to address our language that can cause anxiety to spiral. And it’s actually something we can try and instill in our children, too — just a few choice words can change our outlook and bring stress levels down.

While we’ll leave you discover Fr. David Michael’s useful tips and reasoning in the video below, it’s always interesting to see how the age-old Bible is a constant source of inspiration and wisdom, even for modern-day concerns.

It’s also important to note that if you find yourself dealing with deep or chronic anxiety, it is advisable to speak with a medical professional.

Priest offers a single word that can confront anxiety

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