Quiz: Only A True Roman Catholic Can Get 10/15 On This Religious Quiz

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Only A True Roman Catholic Can Get 10/15 On This Religious Quiz

Are you going straight to Heaven? Or to Confession? Let this quiz guide you.

1. How many sacraments are there?

2.What is Lent?

3.When do we celebrate Jesus’ birth?

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4.How many times did Jesus fall carrying the cross?

5.Who gives the homily?

6.What is the Transubstantiation?

7.What prayer do you have to recite in Confession?

8.Complete the sentence: “I believe in one, holy, Catholic, and ____ Church.”

9.Who was the first Pope?

10.What does ‘Gospel’ mean?

11.Where was Jesus born?

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12.Which gospel refers to Jesus as “the word”?

13.True or false: the Vatican is considered its own city.

14.”Love is ______, love is ______”

15.What is the response to “peace be with you”?

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