VIDEO: Loose baby laughs laughter in full font and makes the whole church laugh together

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Gustavo literally “found grace” at the time of being baptized!

Another beautiful scene involving a baby, his family and the experience of faith is conquering smiles and tenderness in social networks: the baptism of little Gustavo , a Brazilian who literally ” found grace ” in full baptismal font!

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During the ritual of baptism by immersion, the celebrant priest places the baby three times in the baptismal font while pronouncing the formula ” I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit .” The first time, when the immersion is partial, Gustavo releases a delicious and spontaneous laughter, the kind that only the babies can give, infecting the whole church with his joy.

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To complete this true feast, the new baptized still claps his hands following the assembly that applauded him by welcoming him as a Catholic!

Join this joy you also watching the video:

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  1. These letters have really taken me to another level. I cherish particularly the areas that present historical background of some well-known prayers and traditions of the Universal church.


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