Seven quotes from Padre Pio to face the devil

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This famous Capuchin friar had shared wise reflections on the wiles of the Devil.

Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina had many personal battles with the devil during his life. His battles with Satan were so numerous and disturbing that he often wrote about them in his letters. 

These encounters with the devil had a profound impact on the humble brother and he often used his experiences to counsel and warn those he counseled spiritually. His thoughts on confronting the devil are just as relevant today as they were when he spoke about it last century. In daily life, at work, at home or with friends, we all face struggles to fight against sin and temptation. Here are some thoughts from Padre Pio about the devil to lean on in these moments: “The human soul is the battleground between God and Satan.” “The devil is like a mad dog on a chain; beyond the length of the chain it cannot catch anyone. And you, therefore, keep your distance. If you’re too close, you get caught.” “The devil doesn’t want to lose this battle. It takes many forms. For several days, he has appeared to me with his infernal spirits, armed with sticks and iron tools. One of the difficulties is that they appear in many disguises.” “Do not be afraid of all the traps that the devil sets for you: Jesus is always with you. He will fight with and for you. He will never allow you to be deceived and defeated.”“The demon has only one door to enter our soul: the will. There are no secret doors. No sin is a sin unless it is committed with the will. When there is no action of the will, there is no sin, but only human weakness.” “Remember that if the devil makes noise, it is because he is still outside and not yet inside. What should be frightening is its peace and harmony with the human soul. What comes from Satan begins with calm and ends with storm, indifference and apathy.”“Jesus is always with you, even when you do not feel his presence. He is never closer to you than during your spiritual battles. He is always there, close to you, encouraging you to fight the good fight; it is there to ward off the enemy’s blows so that you are not hurt.”

In 2018, Pope Francis spoke about Padre Pio’s battles with the devil. He learned important lessons from the great Italian saint, and he encouraged people to apply them in every battle against sin and temptation. Thus, the pope reminds: “You have a problem, you are sad, you are sick – abandon yourself in the arms of Jesus . This is what [Padre Pio] did. He loved Jesus and trusted in Him.”

The Pope urged people to turn to prayer and the sacraments, as Padre Pio did: “Padre Pio immersed himself in prayer in order to adhere ever better to the divine plans. Through the celebration of Mass, which constituted the heart of each of his days and the fullness of his spirituality, he reached a high level of union with the Lord. During this period he received from above special mystical gifts, which preceded the manifestations of the signs of Christ’s passion in his flesh.  

So remember that you are not alone in your fight against the devil: there is always with you Jesus, the sacraments and friends like Padre Pio to help you.

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