This short prayer was revealed by Jesus to an Italian saint … prayed and received blessings

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We ask God for many things as we ask friends to pray for us to achieve different intentions.

Sometimes we fear being so many requests, but this is human nature, we have to accept the subject and fight it to see who God is to us.

While our needs make us feel weak, God approaches the subject differently. He knows our needs before we know them and they give him the opportunity to indulge us in his kindness and mercy.

Don Dolindo Rotolo, monk Kaboshi (1882-1970) understood this relationship between our needs and the goodness of God.

He was a priest at the age of 23 years, spent his life in prayer, sacrifice and service. He knew and offered religious advice and cared for the needy. Don Dolindo was a spiritual guide for St. Padre Beyeau. “Why are you coming here and with you without Dolendo?” Said the latter, who came from Nabeul, where he lived without Dolindo, to Petrcena. I mean, he is a saint! ”

He was spoken by Don Dolindo and followed by his guidance on the power of grace obtained by the full surrender of the divine will.

St. Dolendo wrote that the Lord revealed to him the heavenly deliverance from the perspective of addressing Jesus to the souls.

The Saint calls upon us to hand over our concerns and concerns to the Lord, and that we should not only focus on our needs, but hand them over to the wisdom of God. St. Dolendo assures us that the Lord has promised us to take all the needs we hand over to him. These are the words of Jesus to Don Dolindo:

Why do you confuse yourselves? Let me have a mission to facilitate your affairs and you will have peace. Every act of real and complete surrender will have the effect that awaits it and resolves all the difficult situations.

A prayer is not equivalent to one delivery act, never forget it. There is nothing better than this: Jesus, I give myself up to you. Jesus, it’s up to you. “

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4 thoughts on “This short prayer was revealed by Jesus to an Italian saint … prayed and received blessings”

  1. This will be my spontaneous prayer and mantra to self surrender. I can do nothing without Him. I am sorry I wasted so many years foolishly thinking I could do anything worthwhile on my own. Please forgive me for my ignorance and blindness l


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