Short prayers to say in front of a crucifix

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Express your love of God, who showed his love for you on the cross.

At times we may grow accustomed to seeing Jesus on the cross and forget the power of that image. The crucifix is there to remind us of the love God has for us and to elicit a response of love in return.

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Here are a few short prayers that can be said when passing a crucifix, returning to God your love and acknowledging the great sacrifice he made for you.

You gave yourself entirely to me; I now give myself entirely to you.You did not abandon me when I strayed away from you; abandon me not, I ask you, now that I would seek you.Sweet Jesus, let me not be separated from you. Who can separate me from the love of Jesus? Lord Jesus Christ, by your sufferings when your pure and innocent soul left your most holy body, have pity on my poor soul when it shall leave my body. Amen.My Jesus, you died for love of me; I would die for love of you.

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