The miracle that led the house of the Virgin Mary of Nazareth to Loreto

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The phenomenon could never be explained by the scientists who studied it.

Our Lady of Loreto is a Marian devotion that arose from the account of the miraculous transfer of the house where the Virgin Mary lived in Nazareth.

Small house made of stones, it had become a relic protected by Catholics in the Holy Land. Under that roof, after all, ” the angel of the Lord had preached to Mary and she had conceived of the Holy Spirit .” It was there that St. Joseph taught his carpenter’s office to Jesus; it was there that Jesus ” grew in stature, wisdom and grace before the Lord “; it was there that the Family of Nazareth lived in love and happiness.

Centuries later, in 1291, a time of great Islamic expansion and before the arrival of the Muslims in Nazareth, the house of the Holy Family disappeared inexplicably and, as inexplicably as it appeared in the city of Tersatz in ancient Dalmatia, today Balkan region territories Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The local priest, who was very sick and healed by miracles, was graced with a vision of Our Lady in which she herself affirmed: ” This is the house where Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and where the Holy Family lived in Nazareth “.

Yes, the house of the Holy Family had been transported whole from Nazareth to Tersatz without being demolished.

The people began to make pilgrimages and to obtain graces and miracles. The local governor, although impressed with the fact, sent four students to the Holy Land to confirm if that was indeed the true home of Our Lady.

In Nazareth, the envoys found only the foundations of the house and the astonishment of the Nazarenes with their disappearance. The foundation had the same measures of those who appeared in Tersatz and are preserved today in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

As for the house that appeared in Tersatz, she was intact and no signs of having been dismantled and rebuilt .

After a little more than three years, a new miracle occurred : on December 10, 1294, the house of the Virgin Mary was raised over the Mediterranean Sea and taken to the woods of Loreto in Recanati, Italy.

The faithful then remembered a prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi : ” Loreto will be one of the most sacred places in the world. There will be built a Basilica in honor of Our Lady of Loreto “. In fact, the basilica erected around the house has become one of the greatest sanctuaries in Europe.

At the request of the Church, several studies have been carried out by engineers, architects, physicists, historians and scholars, who, the more they analyze the case, further prove the inexplicable character of the appearance of this house:

1. It rises from the ground without any support base and it is possible to pass an iron bar under it without any impediment.

2. The stones of the building do not exist in Italy : only in the region of Nazareth, in the Holy Land.

3. Its door is of cedar , wood that also does not exist in Italy, but is found in Palestine.

4. The stones of the walls were raised with a kind of cement made of calcium sulphate and coal dust, a mixture used in the Palestine of the time of Jesus , but unknown in Italy when the house arose in Loreto.

5. The measures of the house correspond perfectly to those of the base that remained in Nazareth .

6. The house, small and simple, follows the Nazarene style of the time of Jesus.

The phenomenon of the appearance of the house of Our Lady in Loreto was never explained by the scientists who studied it.

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