Ultimate guide to wedding anniversaries from 1 to 100 years!

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It’s so important to celebrate a wedding anniversary — especially when you consider how many marriages end in divorce these days. A wedding anniversary allows a couple to reflect on their love for each other, and their family. And hopefully these special occasions will be plentiful throughout a couple’s lives.

Therefore, in order to help a husband and wife celebrate their commitment to each other over the years, we have listed the main anniversaries below with their theme, and what this symbolizes in marriage.

Why you may want to buy more commercial gifts based on the theme itself, we’ve also included Catholic inspired ideas that highlight the religious aspect of marriage.

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Themes to celebrate for 1 to 10 years of marriage

First Anniversary – Paper: “A Sacred Script”

Celebrate your first year with a theme centered around the sacred bond written on the pages of your shared story. Gift each other personalized prayer journals or beautiful stationery for writing love notes.

Second Anniversary – Cotton: “Wrapped in Love”

Cotton symbolizes comfort and durability. Consider exchanging cozy, custom-made blankets or embroidered linens. Share your favorite Bible verses about love as you snuggle up together.

Third Anniversary – Leather: “Together in Faith”

Embrace the durability of leather, symbolizing the strength of your marriage, with leather-bound Bibles or journals. Consider a weekend retreat or pilgrimage to deepen your faith.

Fourth Anniversary – Fruit/Flowers: “Blossoming Relationship”

Celebrate with flowers that symbolize the beauty of your relationship. Attend a flower arranging class together, or plant a symbolic tree or garden at your home.

Fifth Anniversary – Wood: “Deeply Rooted”

Explore the symbolism of a strong and enduring marriage, like a sturdy oak tree, and maybe plant a tree together or commission a wooden artwork with a meaningful Bible verse.

Sixth Anniversary – Iron: “Forged in Faith”

Reflect on the strength of your union as it’s “forged” over six years. Gift iron home decor or plan a visit to a historic church with ironwork. Attend a marriage enrichment program or retreat.

Seventh Anniversary – Wool/Copper: “Warmth of Love”

Wool and copper signify warmth. Gift cozy wool blankets or copper cookware for the kitchen. You could also attend a couples’ cooking class featuring recipes inspired by biblical feasts.

Eighth Anniversary – Bronze/Pottery: “Sculpted by God”

Celebrate with bronze or pottery, representing fortitude and flexibility. Consider taking a pottery class together or gifting each other handcrafted religious sculptures or art.

Ninth Anniversary – Willow: “Bending, Not Breaking”

Willow represents flexibility and resilience. Invest in a piece of willow furniture or plan a serene picnic by a willow tree. Reflect on how your marriage has adapted and grown.

Tenth Anniversary – Tin/Aluminum: “A Decade of Endurance”

Tin and aluminum symbolize the durability of a decade-long commitment. Gift personalized tin or aluminum items and consider renewing your vows in a church ceremony with close family and friends.

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Themes to celebrate for 11 to 20 years of marriage

11th Anniversary – Steel: “Solid as Steel, Strong in Faith”

Steel represents strength and durability. You could give each other personalized steel jewelry or plan a weekend getaway to a historic cathedral or religious site known for its steel structures.

12th Anniversary – Silk/Linen: “Wrapped in Heavenly Love”

Embrace the luxurious feel of silk and linen. Exchange beautifully crafted silk or linen religious artwork or attend a religious concert in your area, wrapping yourselves in the heavenly joy of music.

13th Anniversary – Lace: “Woven in Gratitude”

Lace symbolizes intricate beauty. Renew your vows in a lace-themed ceremony at your parish or exchange lace-themed gifts, such as embroidered religious linens or lace rosaries.

14th Anniversary – Ivory: “Pure Delight”

While traditional ivory is not encouraged, you can celebrate with the symbolism of purity. Give each other devotional ivory-colored items, such as a Bible or prayer candles.

15th Anniversary – Crystal: “Clear Vision of Love”

Celebrate your crystal anniversary with a clear vision of your love. Attend a spiritual retreat together, or exchange crystal rosaries to strengthen your commitment to faith.

16th Anniversary – Silver Holloware: “Polished by Commitment”

Silver holloware represents refinement. Gift each other silver religious items, such as engraved chalices or candle holders. Attend a solemn Mass together, polished by the love and grace of your journey.

17th Anniversary – Furniture: “Building Our Sanctuary”

Furniture symbolizes comfort and stability. Consider buying a piece of furniture for your home, like a prayer kneeler or a religiously inspired artwork. Revisit the church where you got married.

18th Anniversary – Porcelain: “A Delicate Bond”

Porcelain signifies delicacy and grace. Gift each other delicate porcelain religious figurines or plan a quiet evening at home with a homemade dinner served on porcelain plates.

19th Anniversary – Bronze: “Strength in Unity”

Reflect on the strength of your unity with bronze-themed gifts. Attend a spiritual workshop together or visit a bronze statue of a saint.

20th Anniversary – China: “Building a Spiritual Dynasty”

Celebrate two decades with a theme of building a spiritual dynasty. Exchange china plates or cups with religious motifs. Plan a special dinner with a priest, reflecting on your journey and seeking guidance for the future.

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Themes to celebrate for 21 to 30 years of marriage

21st Anniversary – Brass/Nickel: “Everlasting Harmony”

Brass and nickel symbolize durability and harmony. Gift each other brass or nickel religious artifacts, like a customized family Bible or a beautifully crafted religious music box.

22nd Anniversary – Copper: “Rooted in Faith”

Revisit the symbolism of copper, representing strength and flexibility. Plan a pilgrimage to a holy site with copper elements or exchange personalized copper rosaries.

23rd Anniversary – Silver Plate: “Polished Blessings”

Silver plate signifies refinement. Offer each other engraved silver-plated religious items, such as a family Bible or a decorative cross. Attend a Mass of thanksgiving for the blessings in your marriage.

24th Anniversary – Opal: “Radiant Love”

Opal represents radiant love. Opal-themed religious jewelry would make great gifts, or plan a romantic evening under the stars, reflecting on the radiance of your love in God’s eyes.

25th Anniversary – Silver: “Jubilee of Renewal”

Celebrate your silver jubilee with renewed commitment. Attend a special Mass, renew your vows, and exchange silver-themed religious gifts like engraved crosses or silver rosaries.

26th Anniversary – Original Pictures: “Painting Our Love Story”

Original pictures symbolize uniqueness. Consider commissioning an artist to paint a portrait of your family or a religious scene significant to your marriage. Share the story behind the painting during a family gathering.

27th Anniversary – Sculpture: “Sculpted by Devotion”

Sculpture represents molding and shaping. Gift each other religious sculptures or plan a visit to a museum featuring Christian sculptures. Attend a sculpting class together for a fun and unique experience.

28th Anniversary – Orchids: “Blossoming in Hope”

Orchids signify beauty and strength. Gift each other orchids, or orchid-themed religious decor or attend a spiritual retreat in a serene location surrounded by orchids.

29th Anniversary – Furniture: “Enhancing Our Spiritual Home”

Reflect on your journey by revisiting the furniture theme. Buy a piece of furniture with religious significance, like a prayer bench or a family altar. Attend a Mass together at a church that holds special memories.

30th Anniversary – Pearl: “Pearls of Wisdom and Love”

Celebrate three decades with the wisdom pearls bring. Exchange pearl-themed religious jewelry or plan a weekend getaway to a seaside retreat to renew your commitment surrounded by the symbolism of pearls.

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Themes to celebrate for 31 to 40 years of marriage

31st Anniversary – Timepieces: “Timeless Love”

Celebrate the passing of time with timepiece-themed gifts. Buy each other engraved pocket watches or wall clocks with a biblical verse about enduring love.

32nd Anniversary – Conveyances: “Intimate Journey”

Conveyances represent the journey. Plan a pilgrimage together or exchange gifts related to your spiritual journey, such as a map with marked significant locations in your faith.

33rd Anniversary – Amethyst: “Radiant Spirituality”

Amethyst symbolizes spirituality and radiance. Gift each other amethyst-themed religious items, like jewelry or home decor. Attend a spiritual retreat to deepen your connection.

34th Anniversary – Opal: “Harmony in Holiness”

Revisit the opal theme, emphasizing the harmony in your holiness. Opal-themed religious art would make for a special gift, or attend a church concert to experience the harmonious beauty of sacred music.

35th Anniversary – Coral: “Building on a Solid Foundation”

Coral symbolizes the foundation of a relationship. Exchange coral-themed religious items, like coral-colored rosaries or home decor. Reflect on the solid foundation your faith has provided.

36th Anniversary – Bone China: “Delicate Endurance”

Bone china represents both fragility and strength. Gift each other bone china religious figurines or enjoy a delicate dinner together served on bone china, reflecting on the strength that comes from vulnerability.

37th Anniversary – Alabaster: “Radiant Transcendence”

Alabaster signifies spiritual transcendence. Offer each other alabaster religious sculptures or attend a church service where the light plays on alabaster windows.

38th Anniversary – Beryl: “Clarity in Commitment”

Beryl symbolizes clarity and commitment. Exchange beryl-themed gifts, such as jewelry or decor. Attend a marriage enrichment program together, gaining clarity on your commitment.

39th Anniversary – Lace: “Intricate Blessings”

Revisit the lace theme, emphasizing the intricate blessings of your marriage. Gift each other lace-themed religious items or plan a renewal of vows ceremony with lace accents.

40th Anniversary – Ruby: “40 Years of Passionate Love”

Celebrate four decades with the passion of rubies. Exchange ruby-themed religious jewelry or plan a romantic weekend getaway, reflecting on the passionate love that has sustained your marriage.

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Themes to celebrate for 41 to 50 years of marriage

41st Anniversary – Land: “Fruitful Harvest”

Land symbolizes a fruitful harvest. Consider buying each other items related to gardening or plan a visit to a vineyard or orchard. Reflect on the fruitful harvest of love and blessings in your marriage.

42nd Anniversary – Real Estate: “Giving Thanks for Our Sanctuary”

Embrace the real estate theme by reflecting on your spiritual home. Gift each other religious home decor or plan a visit to a significant church or religious site that holds a special place in your hearts.

43rd Anniversary – Travel: “The Journey Continues”

Celebrate the theme of travel by planning a spiritual journey together. Attend a religious conference or pilgrimage, or exchange gifts related to your future spiritual adventures.

44th Anniversary – Groceries: “Nourishing Love”

Groceries symbolize the daily nourishment of love. Gift each other a basket of your favorite snacks or plan a special dinner with dishes inspired by biblical feasts.

45th Anniversary – Sapphire: “Receiving Divine Wisdom”

Sapphire represents divine wisdom. Exchange sapphire-themed religious jewelry or attend a lecture or workshop on spiritual wisdom together.

46th Anniversary – Original Poetry: “Verses of Devotion”

Original poetry signifies uniqueness and expression. Write each other love poems or hire a poet to create personalized verses capturing the essence of your journey. Share them in a private setting.

47th Anniversary – Books: “Chapters of Love”

Celebrate the theme of books by exchanging books with spiritual or deeply human themes or attending a literary book fair. Consider reaffirming your vows in a small ceremony with close family and friends, each reading a chosen passage.

48th Anniversary – Optical Goods: “Seeing the Beauty of the Other Clearly”

Optical goods symbolize clear vision. Gift each other items related to clear vision, such as personalized religious art or eyeglasses. Attend a church service where clarity of vision is emphasized.

49th Anniversary – Luxury Goods: “Luxuriant Union”

Celebrate with the theme of luxury goods by exchanging fine religious items, such as gold-trimmed religious decor or a special religious retreat in a beautiful setting.

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Themes to celebrate for 50 to 100 years of marriage

50th Anniversary – Gold: “A Golden Legacy of Love”

Mark half a century with the golden theme. Exchange gold-themed religious jewelry, attend a special Mass, and consider renewing your vows in a grand ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

55th Anniversary – Emerald: “Evergreen Glory”

Celebrate with emerald-themed gifts, symbolizing how thankful you always are to God for the gift of your marriage. Exchange emerald-colored rosaries or plan a special garden outing surrounded by the vibrant greenery. You could even hop across the pond to the Emerald Isle for a romantic getaway!

60th Anniversary – Diamond: “Shining in Divine Love”

Mark the diamond anniversary with gifts that reflect the shining light of divine love. Attend a Mass together, renew your vows, and exchange diamond-themed religious jewelry.

65th Anniversary – Blue Sapphire: “Serenity in the Spirit”

Sapphire represents serenity and faith. Gift each other blue sapphire-themed religious items, like artwork or jewelry. Spend a peaceful day at a serene location, reflecting on your journey.

70th Anniversary – Platinum: “Platinum Blessings”

Celebrate with platinum-themed blessings. Exchange platinum-colored religious decor or attend a platinum-themed church event. Reflect on the rare and precious nature of your enduring love.

75th Anniversary – Diamond: “Diamond Jubilee of Grace”

The second diamond anniversary signifies a jubilee of grace. Attend a special Mass of thanksgiving, renew your vows, and exchange diamond-themed religious gifts.

80th Anniversary – Oak: “In the Grove of Eternal Love”

Oak symbolizes strength and endurance. Gift each other oak-themed religious items or plan a visit to a historic oak tree. Reflect on the enduring strength of your love.

85th Anniversary – Moonstone: “Reflecting a Lifetime of Tenderness”

Moonstone represents reflection and balance. Exchange moonstone-themed religious decor or jewelry. Spend a day reflecting on your lifetime of love, perhaps under the moonlight.

90th Anniversary – Granite: “Blessed with a Solid Foundation”

Celebrate with the theme of granite, symbolizing a solid foundation. Gift each other granite-themed religious sculptures or decor. Attend a Mass together, focusing on the strength of your foundation.

95th Anniversary – Star Sapphire: “Guided by Heavenly Stars”

Star sapphire signifies guidance and divine connection. Exchange star sapphire-themed religious items or gaze at the stars together, reflecting on the heavenly guidance in your marriage and how it reflects God’s eternal love for each of you.

100th Anniversary – Platinum: “Centennial Celebration of Love”

Reaching a century calls for a platinum celebration! Plan a grand ceremony, attend a Mass of thanksgiving, and exchange platinum-themed religious gifts. Share your wisdom with younger generations, passing on a legacy of enduring love.

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