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Mariannn Hoesser was not expecting what might happen to her when she set off on a snorkeling adventure in the waters surrounding Mori Beach in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands last October. During this day, which was expected to be a regular research day in the water is a very important feature enjoyed by mammals have always focused on research. I realized that the whale, one of the greatest creatures of God, was not only empowered to make the right decisions to save our lives but was able to believe in those who saved them. This extraordinary hero has saved Husser from the danger of imminent death.

Hosser was initially intrigued by the whale’s interaction with her. The video that captured this moment may be one of the first recorded videos of this type of whale. Many stories tell how whales and dolphins protect other creatures, even though they are of different races, but the evidence was still lacking today.

For faith and prayer the ability to transform life and God always helps even when people believe that he does not watch them.

The whale turned towards Husser and pushed it with his head, because he wanted to save it!

God helps in ways we do not expect Hosser helped through a friend of another sex decided to bear the damage to save her life.

The whale continued to push it away from the shark by trying to raise it on his chest, but he had to be careful, as the whale did not realize that the strong push had caused her to kill or hurt her. The two sides must work with each other and build confidence for success. The video shows where the whale might reach to save the other by intervening in Providence.

It was not only the whale who rescued Husser as the video showed another whale close to the shark. The whale continued to move its tail, trying to keep the shark away from it. He pushed Huser back to the surface of the water and stayed with her until she was sure she was okay with other people and returned to reassure her after a while. What the whale did is a lesson for us. Let us not help the other – man – only any organism we may meet!

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